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Tall Tine Whitetail Hunting Ranch


Tall Tine Whitetail Trophy Hunting

Is a family owned business located in Norwich NY approximately 180 miles North of NYC. Our Business started in 2007 from a love of pursuing the elusive whitetail deer. We have focused on a breeding program and hunting preserve which has utilized artificial insemination from some of the largest whitetail deer in the country which score 250–400 B&C. Our goal was to produce deer that were tall, wide and heavy with mostly typical frames scoring 200 B&C and above. We released our first deer into our preserve in the summer of 2011 with a goal of no more than 25 deer per 100 acres.

What you should expect from your hunt. When you Hunt with us at Tall Tine Whitetails you will be guaranteed a shot opportunity on a trophy whitetail of your choice. We will discuss with you what your desires are and what class buck you are looking to harvest prior to your hunt. Each hunter will get a dedicated guide that will be familiar with the property and what animals are located in which areas. Your guide will help you decide which hunting stand will be best for your needs depending on type of weapon used, size of deer expected and capability of hunter. A hunting License is not required and the hunter can choose to use a bow, rifle, shotgun or pistol.

Hunting Rates are based on the score of the deer taken. Each hunter will have a dedicated guide at all times who will help determine the antler score prior to the shot. A $1000.00 deposit will be required to book a hunt. No further payment is required until the animal is harvested and scored. Our guides will field dress and retrieve all deer taken by the hunter.

Any deer purchased over 166” will get a free doe included so bring your son or daughter for a great experience.

Kert Steward
Owner Operator
Phone: 607-316-0049

Joshua Steward
Owner Operator
Phone: 607-244-6175


Tall Tine Whitetails

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Phone: 1-607-316-0049