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Sundance Whitetails Breeder Buck Deer Farm


Dean Borntrager's Sundance Whitetail Deer Farm

Is the top whitetail deer breeder farm in the big buck industry. Bringing you big whitetail names like Sundance, Highroller, Drifter, Dirty Harry, Big Drift, Driftwood, and many more of the best in breeder bucks.

Sundance Whitetails has been raising deer since 1987 in Millersburg, Ohio. We are the proud owners of the 2006-2007 world record whitetail, Highroller (418@7). Highroller is a Sundance (262@6) son. Sundance has been one of the best producers on the farm and has shown to be one of the most proven bucks in the country. Sundance 262@6. Highroller 418@7. Drifter 403@6. Moonshine 240@2. Dirty Harry 277@4. Driftwood 328@4. Big Drift 326@4. Yellow Knife 270@4. Rim Rock 278@3. Highlander 254@4. Brimstone 241@4. Sundance Kid 267@3. 45 70 192@3.

Sundance Whitetail’s bred does are bred and kept at multiple locations. Please click on the specific farms where Sundance does are located to see our 2013 bred doe lineup.

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Dean Borntrager's
Sundance Whitetails
5631 TR 419
Millersburg, OH 44654

Dean Borntrager
Phone: (330) 893-4119


Sundance Whitetails

5631 TR 419

Phone: 1-330-893-4119