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Ripley Trophy Whitetails Deer Farm

We have been raising Trophy Whitetail Deer for some years now. It started as a hobby and grew into a very respectable deer farm. I have had some awesome deer. Last year we sold a 340″ 3 year old and this year we have a 375″ 3 year old for sale. He is the son of Tonto. My breeding does are from Bob Holig, Ron Green, Mark Good, and many more.. Click Here For More


Turk's Bama Bucks Whitetail Deer Farm

Est. 1998 Turk's Bama Bucks | Terry & Jennifer Turk | 323 Bryant Road, Sardis City, AL 35956 | P: 256-593-1374 | C: 256-302-1077 | Click Here For More.


Valley View Velvet Whitetails

Was founded in 2007 by two brother-in-laws on a family farm that is close to 200 years old in the historic town of Hanoverton, Ohio. The original farm began as a stud farm and has since raised many types of farm animals including cattle, sheep, and pigs. Now with the addition of whitetail deer the farm has yet another breed to add to its history. Click Here For More.


Ohio's Premier Whitetail Retreat

Is a "World Class Whitetail Hunting Destination" when it comes to Whitetail Deer! The Whitetail Hunting Preserve is nestled inside of 500 acres in Ohio and the adventure just starts there. With “Monster Whitetail Bucks” abound and Ohio scenery that is breathtaking, your stay at Premier Whitetail Retreat will be unmatched. The Premier Whitetail Retreat amenities are 5 star; from the food prepared by our staff, to the all inclusive Hunting Ranch and Lodge that features a full-size basketball court, volleyball court, a beach and a jacuzzi, your every desire will be realized. Click Here For More.


Klick's Whitetails

Is a Premium Whitetail Deer Breeder Farm located in Ohio. Whitetail Deer For Sale, deer breeders, whitetail breeder bucks, breeder buck sales, ohio deer, ohio whitetail deer, whitetail breeder bucks for sale, whitetail bucks for sale, breeder buck, whitetails for sale. Click Here For More.


Clear Creek Hunting Ranch

Is located in Holmes County Ohio, known for it's huge whitetail deer. We are a family owned and operated trophy whitetail preserve offering guaranteed hunts with years of experience. Our goal is to give you the quality trophy hunt of your dreams! With acres and acres of awesome hunting land, including heavily wooded areas surrounded with food sources....Thus creating a perfect "big buck" haven. All our hunts here at Clear Creek are fully guided with field dressing and caping also available at no extra cost. Click Here For More.


Back Country Outfitters

A family owned and operated business. We are located in the beautiful hills of Holmes County Ohio, the heart of Amish country. We offer superior high fence whitetail deer hunting and will customize your hunt to fit your needs. Our hunting methods are blind hunting, still hunting and stalking. Hunters may use rifles, muzzle loaders, shotguns, cross bows, or long bows to harvest their buck. Click Here For More.


Tall Tine Whitetails

Is a family owned business located in Norwich NY approximately 180 miles North of NYC. Our Business started in 2007 from a love of pursuing the elusive whitetail deer. We have focused on a breeding program and hunting preserve which has utilized artificial insemination from some of the largest whitetail deer in the country which score 250–400 B&C. Our goal was to produce deer that were tall, wide and heavy with mostly typical frames scoring 200 B&C and above. We released our first deer into our preserve in the summer of 2011 with a goal of no more than 25 deer per 100 acres. Click Here For More.


Windfall Whitetails

Windfall Whitetails genetics are put together with the most proven time tested genetics in the country which have proven themselves over on over again these whitetail genetics have been put together for the serious deer breeder who wants production.Windfall Whitetails offer breed does, fawns, breeder bucks, shooter bucks and semen for sale. Click Here For More.


The Tea Boys Whitetail Trophy Buck Club

Is the joint effort of some top whitetail deer breeder farms. 4 Guys Deer Farm, Klick's Whitetails, Buck Run Whitetails, F4 Whitetails bring you top genetics out of Texas Tea to bring you deere genetics Tea Time, Tea Party and Black Tea. Click Here For More.


Sundance Whitetails

Is the top whitetail deer breeder farm in the big buck industry. Bringing you big whitetail names like Sundance, Highroller, Drifter, Dirty Harry, Big Drift, Driftwood, and many more of the best in breeder bucks. Click Here For More.


Ohio Big Buck Outfitters

Our highly skilled staff is here to assure one and all a safe and exhilarating hunt. Important safety rules and hunt strategy will be discussed in order for you to feel at ease with our personnel and our hunting procedures. Making everyone comfortable with the hunt is key. Personal attention will allow you to harvest your trophy from a quiet spot and stalk to the thrill of chasing! Click Here For More.


Whitetail Preserve Reload

Dedicated to restock your hunting preserve when you need some new trophy whitetail bucks to let loose on your hunting ranch. Click Here For More.